1Handshake increased client's revenue with event.

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1handshake Increased client's revenue with event

1Handshake is excited to have partnered with the innovative social gifting app, Bitmo for a highly successful event. We worked with Bitmo to create a campaign strategy that increased user acquisition rates with target audience, implemented their highest converting campaign to-date, and established value with retailer, Starbucks. 

Proving increased ROI with 1Handshake support as we:

  • Exceeded client's acquisition goal 35%
  • Converted 77% of leads acquired into customers
  • Increased client's user base 93%
  • Increased participating Starbucks check average 24% (during event and app use)
  • Created environment to showcase client's value, as their application's redemption rate nearly doubled industry standards
  • Completed event on-time and on-budget

We did this by working closely with Bitmo to understand their brand, aligned campaign plans to achieve organizational objectives, and established the appropriate connections to get into preferred event retailer.

Allowing us to provide our client with the quantifiable confidence that by leveraging 1Handshake for external event support, they can see multiple streams of revenue.

If your company is looking for new ways to generate incremental revenue by leveraging an event, contact 1Handshake today for strategic event support.