I've had the great pleasure of working with Kylie for over a year as a business provider assisting with her rigorous trade show program. Kylie is detail oriented, always accessible, and very organized. She has the ability to think outside the box and is cool under pressure. In addition, Kylie is very nice and personable, making her an absolute joy to work with.

phil bourekas - evp, symmetricom

I enthusiastically recommend Kylie Hamlin for just about anything she sets her mind to. During our time together at Symmetricom, Kylie took on, and excelled at, multiple types of responsibilities, including event planning, collateral generation, electronic marketing activies, etc. She is incredibly organized, and driven while maintaining a high level of collaboration. She is truly a treasure to work with and have on a team.

renee hobbs - web production manager, yodlee

Kylie is an absolute joy to work with. She is professional, efficient, thorough and dependable. Kylie delivers all of her completed work on time and with a smile on her face even with the strictest of deadlines. She has a broad range of skills and is willing and able to learn new trades to improve her job skill set. While working with Kylie at SonicWALL I was able to easily train her to work in our Content Management System. Kylie is a great asset to have on your team!

theresa marcroft - interim marketing executive

Kylie is a marketing communications professional - she is very good at her job and sees it through, very dependable. Also, she's a pleasure to work with ... always a smile on her face, good attitude, positive outlook, professional presentation. I can recommend her highly.

Don Mitchell - sales manager, GMa

I highly recommend Kylie for any task she wishes to accomplish. I have worked directly with Kylie on several trade shows over the last few years and know that she pays close attention to detail. Kylie is very smart and will go far in whatever job she takes on. Any company would be lucky to have an employee like Kylie.